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Mission Scripture

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Missionaries' World Series

 Sushi with Elder Kroff
Elder Allred's first zone

This has been a wonderful week! I don't know if I've told you about D. or not. He's one of our investigators. He's an eleven year old boy and his mom is a member. She's been less active for over twenty years though, so she doesn't know very much about the church. We've been teaching D. for a while and he's decided that he wants to be baptized. Last Thursday he set a date for November 30th! How cool is that? I felt the Spirit so strongly and was so excited when we got out of that lesson. I just feel so blessed that the Lord has put these people in our lives to teach. It's amazing to see people coming to the gospel. General Conference was awesome! As a missionary, General Conference is kind of like our Super Bowl or our World Series haha. We spend pretty much all day at the church or at members' houses in between sessions. We just get to relax and soak up everything that our prophets, apostles and other leaders of the church have to tell us. I hope you all got a chance to watch some of it and enjoyed it as much as I did. I really enjoyed Elder Edward Dube's talk on Saturday morning.
He talked about how we have had trials in the past to get over and how we'll have more in the future. He shared a story about when he was a kid working in a field with his mom. He was proud of how much they accomplished and told his mom to look back at what they had done. She told him, "Never look back. Look at what we still have to do." For some reason, that just struck me. Especially being on a mission.  Look at what I still have to do. 22 more months seems like a long time. It seems like it's going to be really hard. The truth is, it probably will be. But I know that no matter how hard it is, I can get through it. If we turn to the Lord we can do anything. I also really liked how much emphasis there was on member missionary work. I want you all to think about what the role of our prophets and apostles is. They have the keys to receive revelation from the Lord to know what to tell us as members. So, this call to action is from the Lord. Missionary work is hastening and He needs all of us to push it forward. I know that it can be scary to share the gospel. Elder S. Gifford Nielsen talked about three things that members should do to fulfill their role as missionaries. 
The first is to pray about how you should share the gospel and who you should share it with. While you're at it, you can pray for strength to get over your fear of talking about the gospel with others. The second is to pray for the missionaries and their investigators by name. I invite you to have the missionaries in your area over for dinner. Get to know them. Ask them who they are working with.  Pray for them and their investigators by name. The third is to invite someone to an activity. The challenge was extended by Elder Ballard to reach out to one person before Christmas. 
I invite you all to do that. I'll be praying for you, and I'm excited to hear how it goes. There was so much more that I loved about conference, but I don't have enough time to type it all out! I hope everyone is good. Thank you so much for all the support. It means the world to me to hear from everyone and to know that you are doing well. I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week! 
Elder Allred

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