Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Baptismal Date!

Another great week! We have been very busy this week! On Saturday our stake had a day of service and we went to help out with it. The service project was at a homeless shelter in Danbury, the Dorothy Day Center. We cleaned up the shelter a little bit and retiled some of their floor. It feels so good to serve others. It's awesome how much you look forward to doing service projects on your mission. At home, you usually have so much stuff going on that it's hard to find time to do service, especially on weekends when you just want to relax, but on the mission the top priority is to do things for other people. It's awesome! We had some great lessons this week as well. We finally met with J.S. . We gave him a tour of our chapel in Newtown. He is already so ready to do this and find out for himself it it is true. He even accepted an invitation to be baptized! He's going to prepare himself for baptism on October 19th. SO cool! Also we have been meeting with K. I don't know if I told you about her yet, but she's twenty years old and lives in Brookfield, about fifteen minutes north of where we live in Bethel. She has also committed to be baptized on January 4th. The Lord is blessing us so much! With these two baptismal dates, He is putting a lot of trust in us as missionaries. We're excited to do our part to help them. We know that they need to find out for themselves whether or not they want to get baptized. The only way they'll know that is by the power of the Holy Ghost, so we will do everything that we can to invite the spirit in our lessons. As long as we do our part the Lord will take care of the rest. And if Joseph and Kimberly are ready and open to the spirit, then they will come to know that this is the true church. I love being a missionary so much! And I love being here in Connecticut. The leaves are already starting to change colors. I'm so excited to see a New England fall season! I'll make sure to take lots of good pictures of the trees for you. I hope you are all doing well, and I miss you! Stay strong and know that I'm doing well, and that I'm happy! Remember to smile and enjoy every single day! I love you all and have a wonderful week!!
Elder Allred

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