Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

4 More Cycles:)

This week is transfers again! Good news is that I'm staying in Poughkeepsie! I have at least six more weeks in this amazing place. Each cycle goes faster than the one before it. I only have four more chances to say that. Elder Kroff will be flying home tomorrow. Crazy! I always said that when Elder Kroff went home that's when my mission would really fly right to the end. I didn't think that would sneak up on me so fast. Having four cycles left is kind of the point that makes you one of the "old" guys in the mission haha. All of the sisters that flew out in my group are finishing their 18 months and going home as well. If I was a sister missionary, I would be on an airplane tomorrow. I'm so glad that's not the case. I don't feel like a year and a half is quite long enough. I still have some more serving to do. Good thing I have six months left! Well that's the only big news from this week. Other than that everything is going well. The work in our area is still moving along well. Joe is still doing great. He was going to bless the sacrament on Sunday, but our ward didn't meet because the roads were icy. This Sunday he will probably be able to do that. We had a Family Home Evening with him at a members house on Monday, the Ashworths. The Ashworths are an awesome family in the ward from England. They've been awesome at friendshipping and being with him through his transition into Mormonism. We will have to give some of our investigators to the sisters when they get here on Friday, but it will be good. It will allow us to have some more time to find good people and focus more on some of the people that we haven't been able to. We've seriously been so busy that we just haven't had time to meet with some people. So it will be good to have more missionaries to visit more people. Anyway, that's about all I've got this week. Sorry this is kind of a short email. Have a great week everyone. Love you!

~Elder Allred 

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