Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Espanol es facil Elder

Don't worry, I'm alive!! I'm sure that most of you heard about the storm and were pretty worried. There was a ton of hype and people made a really big deal out of the whole thing. As it turned out, the storm missed my area by quite a distance. It ended up coming through to the east of where I am, and we only got probably two or three inches. I'm glad that we were prepared, though, and I'm grateful that we have President Morgan and Sister Morgan to watch after us. If conditions would have gotten too bad we would have been well prepared. The funny thing about it was that they were expecting a foot and a half to two feet in my area. That's a lot of snow, but I feel like we've had snow like that in Utah, and people don't freak out like they did here. New York City kind of shut down from what I've heard. A lot of the subway lines weren't even running. New York schools are kind of ridiculous too. They use any excuse they can to call it a snow day. Days that we wouldn't even question going in Utah they just shut down here. Other than the storm there hasn't been too much exciting news from this past week. We're looking forward to Joe's baptism on Saturday! He is so awesome. It's really cool to be teaching someone that's my age. I think he and I will be good friends for a long time. I secretly hope he ends up moving to Utah somehow. I do have one funny story from the week. I told you before that my area is kind of an interesting one, because we cover all of the Spanish and English work in the ward. The other night we went out to teach a lesson, and we had our ward mission leader with us. He doesn't really speak much English, and the lesson we were teaching was in Spanish. On the drive down I was practicing some of the Spanish phrases that I was memorizing to use in the lesson. Hermano Zhunio noticed that I was trying to learn, and he and Elder Wagner were talking about it a little bit. He started talking to me and told me "Espanol es facil Elder". To which I replied, "Gracias, Hermano." I thought that he was complimenting my Spanish and telling me that I was learning well. Turns out what he said was "Spanish is easy Elder". And I said, "Thanks, Brother". Haha! I'm trying to learn a little bit, but I'm really not very good at Spanish. It was really funny! Anyway, that's pretty much it this week. I hope you're all doing well. I love you!!

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