Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fast Sunday

This week has been awesome! Especially on Sunday. I woke up forgetting that it was the first Sunday of the month and that I was supposed to fast. So, first thing in the morning, I went into the kitchen and guzzled down a Kool-Aid. Then I looked over at Elder Monson and saw him eating a bowl of cereal. For some reason that is what made it click for me. I was so tempted to just give up and not fast since I had already had something to drink. Then I started thinking about all of the people that we're teaching and all of those who we had invited to come to church. I knew I had to start my fast for them right then. So, I said a prayer and began my fast. Best decision I could have made. We had a few less active members show up and three investigators, two of which had never been before. The other one was Norman. I think I told you about him last Wednesday. He's the Jamaican guy that just walked into the church last Sunday out of the blue. We had been keeping in contact with him all throughout last week, and he sounded like he might not make it. But he showed up! We were even able to talk with him for a little while after church and teach him a great first lesson. He is really enjoying his experience with our church. I'm way excited about Norman. Jamaicans are by far my favorite people to teach! Then after church we had a busy afternoon teaching three more lessons. Today was just incredible, and I saw small miracles from the moment we stepped out of our apartment to the moment we came back home. I"m not saying that these miracles wouldn't have happened if I had chosen not to fast. I think it really helped a lot, though, and it increased my faith in that specific principle. If we will just do those things that we know the Lord has asked us to do, our lives will be so much better! Especially when it's easier to do something else. I'm just so happy with the work this week. We've kinda been having some struggles with the people we've been teaching. Some have dropped, some are just being flaky, and some we've had to pass off to other companionships. It's been pretty frustrating. A lot of potential has just come out of the woodworks this week, and our teaching pool is finally freshening up. It's really exciting! Elder Monson and I are having a ton of fun together, and we get along super well. I can't believe he goes home in two weeks! When I came into the mission he was over his year mark. It's crazy how fast it goes! I look ahead at another year, and it feels like an eternity. But I know I'll look back, and it will feel like it was only a couple of months. Hope you're all doing well. I miss you with all my heart, and I love you!!! 
~Elder Allred 

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