Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Statue of Liberty

 Hey everyone! Harlem is so much fun! I think I was destined to live in the Hood. Haha. From the Bronx to Harlem! We live in a huge building on Broadway and 135th Street. It's just a couple avenues over from the Hudson. We run over to a football field every morning and work out right next to the river. It's so cool! Missionaries call our building "The Great and Spacious Building". I thought that was pretty funny. We estimated that there's a little over 4,000 people that live in our building alone. So, the building that I live in has almost as many people as the population of Nephi. Crazy! Elder Monson and I are having a lot of fun and the work is great. He's a great guy. I can already tell that I'll be sad when he has to go home in five weeks. 
Anyway, sorry this week's email is super short! We went to the Statue of Liberty today since Elder Monson is going home this cycle. One of the cool things that President Morgan lets us do in this mission. And since I am his companion I got to tag along! Everything is good here! I'm loving Harlem. It's getting super hot. And since we walk most places here, it's been tiring me out! The humidity is ridiculous! Haha. I'll try to write more next week. Have a great week everyone. Love you! 
~Elder Allred 

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