Mission Scripture

Mission Scripture

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SportsCenter?? What!!!??

(Main Man! From last week's post) 

This week has been great! Then again, it seems that every week in the Bronx is great. I just feel incredibly blessed to be serving here. Nothing too exciting happened this week. Things are just good. I feel like I know the area really well now, and I don't have to always rely on Elder Hansen to tell me which bus we need to take or how to get to the right subway stop. Elder Hansen and I are still getting along incredibly well. We've already been together for a month, and we haven't argued about anything at all. Not even a tiny disagreement. It's awesome! We have to send an email to President Morgan each week, and I was really tempted to ask him in my email today if we could stay  together for another cycle, but I figured that might be a surefire way to get him sent out. So, I just make sure to tell President often how well we're getting along and how well we're doing working together. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes when you get along with your companion. Your efforts don't have to be spent on trying to work through relationship issues, and you can just focus completely on the work. It goes so much better. I have made so many good friends on my mission. That's the beauty of being a missionary. Most of your companions are either gonna be from Utah or are gonna be going to BYU! So, I'll be able to keep in touch with everyone really easily. It's awesome that Elder Hansen is from Logan. I have been thinking that I really need to visit Grandma and Grandpa up there more often when I get home, so when I go up to visit I will be right there to drop by and say hi to him too. I can't believe I've already been here for a month! It's just crazy. I'll hit my seven month mark on Friday. February definitely went by faster than any other month of the mission so far. If it keep speeding up like it has, then the last few months of my mission will be scary fast. I'm sure it will. Each new companion and each new area will be quicker than the one before. The work here is going ok. Things are a little bit slow right now. I thought that being in the city, we would teach way more people, but that has proven to be untrue. We don't have any investigators right now, and the few lessons that we do teach are either to the five active members in our area or to random people online. I'm doing my best not to let that get me discouraged though. Elder Hansen and I are working really hard and trying to find people to teach. I know that it all happens in the Lord's time. As long as we keep trying, He will put those people that are ready in our path. I don't have much to complain about. I love everything about being a missionary in the Bronx. Other than the weather! Haha. It's been really cold. I can't wait for Spring to come around. We got tricked last week with a couple days that were in the fifties, but then a couple days later it snowed again. We work out in the morning, and SportsCenter is always on. One of the Lord's tender mercies. Anyway, I've been seeing highlights from Spring training. My favorite time of the year! Speaking of baseball, I heard that Robbie got traded to Seattle. I hope that's not true! I thought that without Mo and Jeter, he would be the new face of the Yankees. That's one of the big perks about being in the Bronx. I'm sure I won't miss any big news about what's going on in the baseball world. Well, that's about it for this week. No crazy people yelling at us or anything like that. But here's a video of a member that we visited while I was on a split with Elder Taylor a couple weeks ago. Her name is Barbara Gene, and she is so funny. She texts us with the weather every morning. Hope you enjoy. Love you guys. Have a great week! 
~Elder Allred 

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